dinsdag 3 december 2019

What I've been up to....part 2

Well, summer is definetly over and we are allready back at our "winter-residence" where I have a good functioning internet connection. A problem I hope to have solved next season but WiFi will be fickle I guess. I am crossing fingers though that next summer I can go online whenever I need to at our holiday home. Anyhew, even though the garden has been distracting me and the good weather had me living outside most of the time, I did manage to get some work done. I finally finished the Darling Diva-set of poses for Diva and they are in store. And I took some time playing with Scampixie Pranx 2.

At our "summer-residence" we have started creating a new bathroom in our caravan and it has finally been finished. Apart from the details and some styling, the main work has been done. It is getting pretty cold right now and we have decided to only go there for maintenance, making sure there are no leakages and checking everything. Next year, before the season starts, we will finish the bedroom and do some styling.

In the meantime I'm working on some poses and planning a christmas gift for all my loyal customers at Hivewire. I am not going to say to much about that since I really want it to be a surprise. One freebie I am working on is another set of poses for Scampixie Pranx 2 and the Princess Hair - a freebie available at TreasureChest on the Scampixies page. It comes with the Princess Outfit for Pranx 2.

This set will be made available on my freebie page at Renderosity. It will contain some new poses for Pranx 2 and the Braid from Princess Hair. 

I'm not only working on freebies, there is also the set of DailyLife Fathers volume 2. This set will be for Hivewire Dusk & Hivewire Diva. This set was orginally created for Michael 4 & Kids 4 and allthough I found that I can't replicate them exactly the same, I will try to create them for Dusk & Diva as good as I can.

Most of the poses will be able to match but I'm not sure if all the poses will be easy to transfer. So far I have managed to finish up to five poses for Dusk & Diva. These will probably be finished next year. December is my favorite time of the year so mostly I will be working on freebies at this time.

But I can still post some teasers and drop a hint that maybe there will be a DailyLife Mothers volume 2 for Hivewire Dawn & Diva aswell. In the meantime, since this is the festive season, there are some sales going on so you may want to check my store if there are some little things to grab.

woensdag 27 november 2019

World in Wireframe - Little Diva

Usually I work on more then one set of poses at a time. I don't know if any other person will relate to this but there are times I don't get any idea's at all. Only to be followed by weeks on end with one idea after another. So when I get into that state of mind when I'm overrun with idea's, I set them up in my favorite choice of software and I will work on them untill a new idea comes to me.
When the funk of "I can't think of anything to create" hits, and it always does, I will go back to the first idea I had and start working on that again. This helps alot to get my muse back I must say.

So when the first set of "Little Miss Braided" was being evaluated, I worked on "Braided Again" set and I started a "Darling Diva" folder.
A looong, looong time ago I had a brainwave of modelling my own Alphabet and for the visitors of my blog that prop-set is freely available in my exclusive freebie-section or at the Hivewire3D forum. 

After many trials and tribulations I managed to create a very simple Alphabet. And I mean a very simple Alphabet plus the awareness that modelling maybe wasn't for me, not at that time anyway. But who knows, I've been known to pick up on old idea's and try again.

Anyhew, I made duo-poses for Kids4 with my alphabet back in the day. A boy and a girl playing with enormous letters of the Alphabet. Nowadays I create mainly poses for the Hivewire family so I figured I'd convert those poses to Diva. It's a bit of a job, 52 poses in total so I decided to cut it short a bit and create a smaller set based on those poses.
I might get back to it and convert the set I did for Kids 4 to Hivewire Diva as a whole.

While those were being tested, a puppy was released. The cutest little dog based of the Hivewire BigDog and there was was new idea for a set of poses. I had allready released a small set for the Hivewire BigDog & Diva called Best Friends, a Sweet Deal set of 4 duo-poses. So it was only logical that I started working on duo-poses for the Hivewire Puppy & Diva.

I still am not sure if this will become a larger set of poses or that I am creating a smaller set as a Sweet Deal, like I did for the Best Friends-set. I am tempted to create another Sweet Deal, it would be a nice "volume 2". At the moment I'm thinking about that and I'm saving these poses in DazStudio also.

Speaking of volume 2, another set that I'm working on is the volume 2 for Father&Child for Hivewire Dusk & Diva. Once, again, originally a set of duo-poses for Michael 4 & Kids4.

I allready have a set in store for Dusk & BabyLuna. This second set probably will be a larger set of poses since the first set is also a set of 10 duo-poses.
For the time being I have enough plans for poses concerning Hivewire Diva. Darling Diva has been released and is available in my store.


vrijdag 22 november 2019

World in Wireframe - The Braid

Since I started creating poses for Poser I found that I have the patience for tails, braids and other sorts of snake-like meshes. The bending, twisting and making them curl aroung an object comes easy to me. I wouldn't for the life of me know where I developed such talent and patience but apparently I do.

One of my latest attempts is the Dragonbraid for Dawn, a beautifull hairstyle made by Arki available at Hivewire. I love long braided hair like this but usually there are hardly any poses for it and they take a while to create.
I ended up creating two sets of poses for this particular hairstyle. For the first set I had some poses for Dawn in mind that would compliment the Braid, so I created some poses for her and the Braid. Then I figured it would be nice to create some poses for the Braid that would compliment the Everyday Poses for Dawn that come with Dawn Special Edition.

I created 9 poses for Dawn & the Braid. Can you just picture her, sitting on a large shroom as an Elven Queen? Or maybe she's just a Maiden, sitting by a pond, dreaming of romance. When I create a pose I always do that in the wireframe view. It allows me to see a mesh without all the bells and whistles. It shows when I bend or twist, the mesh won't fold in on itself or break. Or whether it will stretch so far that the pose will look unnatural.

The biggest issue I always have are the hands & fingers. The way a human holds and/or grabs things starts in the shoulder. How the shoulder is positioned often determines on where and how the hands will reach, on how the fingers are able to grab an object.
When I create a pose myself I can adjust the pose the way I think the 'flow' of the movement should be. And I always aim to create it as natural as possible. Since a mesh doesn't have the flexibility of a human body, and then in particular the human skin, it is sometimes very difficult to achieve that natural pose.

For this set I also added poses for the Braid that can be used with the Everyday Poses that come with Dawn Special Edition. These Everyday Poses weren't created by me so then I have to make sure that I do not change anything in the pose itself, just the pose for the Braid. That is a challenge in itself sometimes. But when the base is good, it is easy.
When I created the 9 poses for the Braid to go with the 9 Everyday Poses I also created one pose to adjust the arms of StandingPose 04.

Original EverydayPose Standing 04

Adjusted EverydayPose Standing 04

When an original pose is created hardly anyone thinks of clothing and hair that a character wears. Me included and it's when I use existing poses to create add-ons for, such as poses for a braid, that I bump into these little jewels.
I couldn't leave this so I adjusted the positioning of the hands by change the shoulders a little. This turns the arms, leaving the hands as they are without creating weird bends or extreme side-to-side movements. 
I added this to the partial poses I had allready created, two very simple "braid over the shoulder" poses to get people started with their own creation.

Little Miss Braided is available in my store at Hivewire3D. These poses require Hivewire Dawn SpecialEdition & the Dragonbraid for Dawn.

Braided Again is available in my store at Hivewire3D. These poses require Hivewire Dawn SpecialEdition, the Dragonbraid for Dawn & my InStyle Poses for Dawn.

I know that the Dragonbraid has also been created for Victoria 4 and I believe is still available at Daz3D as a bundle. The poses for the Braid could probably work on the Braid for Victoria 4 but they will need some serious tweaking when used with poses for Victoria 4. So when you purchase these sets of my poses you must realize that they were created specifically for the Dragonbraid for Dawn to compliment poses for Dawn. And that they were tested specially for that.

woensdag 20 november 2019

What I've been up to....part 1

Once upon a time, loooong ago, I received PaintShopPro 9 as a birthday gift. A 2D graphic software, in wich I could make pictures using various tools & effects. One of the tools in that particular software are so called "tubes", small images with a transparent background that can be used in larger works of Art. They usually come in PNG-format because that format can save a transparent background - unlike JPEG. It's easy to open a PNG in PaintShopPro and export it as a PSP-Tube into the software.

When I got started in PaintShopPro it wasn't long untill I discovered these 3D-Tubes and I was a fan. Wanting to know all about these gorgeous tubes I started looking around and that is how I discovered DazStudio & Poser.
Since DazStudio couldn't export images in PNG-format back in the day, I started with Poser.
And it wasn't before long when I was creating my own tubes, offering them for free on the web in an MSN-group. Since they were the first item I created, I had a good look on my external drive to see where I had left all my tubes.
Alot of my older tubes are not suitable anymore, they look to dated and far to amateuristic to be uploaded. But my later tubes are suitable enough.

Most of them are created with toon characters, Cookie & Chip were my favorites back then so you will find alot of these available on the "Free Tubes" page. So now I'm busy organizing, checking and updating the tubes I made for use in PaintShopPro - or any other 2D Graphic Software that can read PNG-format, like Photoshop.

It's fun browsing through these old tube-folders and it has got me thinking of creating some new ones maybe. So who knows, there may be some more tubes coming for all the PaintShopPro/Photoshop fans.For a my free available tubes keep an eye out for the "Free Tubes" page of this Blog. 

I can't guarantee new tubes every week since I prefer to create poses for Poser these days but who knows, I still have to create promo images for my products, so who's to say they won't appear as tubes.

zaterdag 16 november 2019

World in Wireframe - First Steps

Since I started creating poses for Poser I found that I have the patience for tails, braids and other sorts of snake-like meshes. The bending, twisting and making them curl aroung an object comes easy to me. I wouldn't for the life of me know where I developed such talent but when I started playing with Scampixie Pranx and created poses for this cute creatures. I believe my first set for Pranx was "Shake a Tail", simple set of poses with mirrored versions.

Apparently the tail wasn't a problem for me to pose. I loved creating Art in Poser, Poser 6 at the time I believe. I didn't have any experience as a vendor whatsoever and if it wasn't for my friend at KCTC, I wouldn't even have considered it. She helped me alot understanding the basics of how Poser works, how to save "poses", how to create MT5 and MC6 materials, how to create things from scratch, by that time I had bought Poser 7.


When Elleque & Trumarcar came with their Scampixie Pranx that was my start in creating
poses and selling them. Shake a Tail was my first set but not my most succesfull one. 
The first version of Pranx came with it's own alphabet, the TrueTube Letters and I decided to create poses for each letter. Pranx ABC was born.

It took a while to finish this set and apparently people loved it when it was finally released. It really gave me the feeling I could actually do something well in Poser. Esspecially the tailposes, wich I started to save seperately as partial-poses.

This set was large, very expanded with 26 Fullbody-Poses, 26 Lowerbody-Poses, 26 Upperbody-Poses & 26 Tailposes. It has been retired since a while now, created in Poser 6 and only compatible with the first version of Pranx but it does have a special place in my heart since it was my first big item in store. 

woensdag 13 november 2019

World in Wireframe - The Beginning

     My name is Josephine but in the world of 3D Art I'm known as Pommerlis. A long, long, loooong time ago I started out with a program called PaintShopPro 9. Actually, I still use it sometimes for postwork but now I have upgraded to the latest version. That software program led to a whole new universe of 3D software such as DazStudio, Poser, Carrara, Hexagon and I was lost.
From creating very amateuristic images to creating content has been a long road but that is where I'm at today. I dare to say it out loud know, I'm kinda good at creating poses and that is what I do most. I also try my hand at textures and I have started to read & learn about modelling. This hobby is certainly expanding it's grounds.
As a vendor I have my own store an I am exclusive with my products at HiveWire3D, where I create poses for Dawn,Dusk and all of their relatives. Human and Animals. If you are interested in visiting my store; Pommerlis.

     Though I prefer Poser and I have upgraded to PoserPro11.2, I got myself re-acquainted with DazStudio and I am slowly getting round to creating poses for Genesis. With all the new and improved versions being released I think I will choose only one of the many and stick to Genesis 8. I'm not sure though.
With the new Poser lady, LaFemme being released it's becoming a bit flooded with all these characters.But there are still some favorite toons and I think for most of these I will create freebies. Most of my time will be spend with Dawn & Dusk anyway.

     When I create poses, I always create them in a Wireframe View, that works best for me. I don't know why but somehow I get more detail en "flow" in the pose if I can see the mesh in it's orginal state. So that is the world I mostly move around in, my World in Wireframe. It looks something like this;

     This is an example of one of my first sets of poses I created for Victoria 4 & Michael 4. The "Let's dance ballroom-set", it wasn't my very first set. My very first poses I created as a Vendor were for Scampixie Pranx. That cute little character got me into selling poses in the first place.

     When working in 'LitWireframe', I can see the mesh more detailed. I'm a bit of a nitpicker when it comes to these things. A pose has to be right the whole 360o round, no bodyparts dissapearing into the mesh and the pose has to be as natural as possible. And I always have a an issue with hands & fingers.


    Hands & fingers usually take up most of my time. I know that there are vendors out there that can create masses of poses every single day but I can't work like that. For me a pose has to be right, it has to look like a natural movement of the body and it has to be some sort of representation of what daily life looks like. So there you have it, the beginning of my World in Wireframe in a nutshell.