woensdag 19 augustus 2020

New in Store & some idea's

Today my new poses for the HiveWire Tiger and Fallen Tree were released in store. For a short time they can be obtained in an introductory sale, mind you, that sale will only last for 3 weeks.

The HiveWire Tiger is an awesome character for the HiveWire Big Cat of excellent quality and highly detailed. It was a pleasure creating poses for that majestic animal. I chose to create some poses in combination with Fallen Tree, visit HERE, a backdrop scene with some great options. Both Tiger and Fallen Tree can be used in Poser aswell as in DazStudio so my poses are compatible with both software types.

For the HiveWire Tiger visit HERE
For Silently Treading poses visit HERE
After the succesfull "Stay Home - Spread Hope" event there is a new Render Challenge at Hivewire. With again some awesome free items and some for a big discount. This new event is called "We are all in this together" and for a number of weeks, every friday, new items will be added to the list. 

Go and check out this new event and join in, Click the image below to go to the page.

I know I have browsed around there allready and found a nice little Patio-Set that brought some idea's for me to create some poses. So who knows, next friday......


donderdag 9 juli 2020

What I've been up to....part 8

I started a new project, poses for the Hivewire Tiger and Fallen Tree. The tiger is due to be released and I thought it would fit nicely with the Fallen Tree scene at Hivewire. Check out Fallen Tree HERE.
I am creating the poses based on that scene but of course, with some tweaking and adjusting, they can be used with other settings aswell.

The Fallen Tree is a great scene for this and during the Stay Home, Spread Hope event is was given for free. The tiger is such a mighty predator and with the cheetah it is one of my favorite big cats.
Fallen Tree comes in two versions, one with a base and one without a base. Of course my poses will be created for both versions.

They will be for use in Poser and DazStudio. And since I'm saving multiple options anyway, I've decided to add the tailposes as a seperate option aswell.

As always my poses are created to be suitable for a 360° viewpoint, saved without morphs and created starting with the hip as base so the body won't change position when the character is moved in the scene.

And the first pose is finished. Where you can see the tiger, who is about to climb a tree, lurking back at you.

zaterdag 27 juni 2020

New home for Pranx 2

It has been a while since Scampixie Pranx 2 by Elleque, was taken out of the store at Renderosity and she explains her reasons for this at her own blog. You can visit her site HERE and in the posts "Pranx is moving out" and "Pranx has moved", she explains into details about her descision to move Scampixie Pranx from her store at Renderosity to how she came to place Pranx at ShareCG.

Finally Scampixie Pranx 2 has found a new home at ShareCG, Elleque is offering her sweet, cute and versatile character for sale there. And now it's on sale at a discount of 50%!!!
You can purchase it for $ 17.50! If you always wanted to own Pranx 2 now is the time to get it because I don't know how long this sale will last. And believe me, for what you get this is a real bargain!

First of all, Pranx comes with his female alter-ego Trixie. A morph to turn Pranx into the cutest Scampixie-girl you have ever seen. Also included are two complete clothing sets thats each come with their own textures. One of the outfits is shown in the image above, for this outfit there are 2 more texture options. But there is also another outfit - a balloonsuit - included with extra materials, plus hair and several props to start creating a world of imagination.

When you own Scampixie Pranx 2 you also have access to exclusive freebies made by Elleque for Pranx. For example a lovely swimsuit for Trixie. In her post "New Membership Website Opened" Elleque explains how it all works and how you can join after you've purchased Pranx. You will find some awesome freebies there.

Of course there are more content creators who make freebies for Pranx. One of them is Trumarcar and on her website 'Treasurechest' you can find allsorts of freebies. Freebies for Pranx are listed under "Scampixies".

And of course there is me, I have had the pleasure of playing with Scampixie Pranx ever since the first version came out and thanks to Pranx I dared to take my first steps as a vendor. For Pranx 2 I will only make free items and they will be available on my freebie page at Renderosity HERE.

Mind you, you will need to own Scampixie Pranx 2 and that character is available HERE at Elleque's page on ShareCG.

woensdag 20 mei 2020

In Store and planning some things.

Today my new set of poses were released in my store at Hivewire, actually, yesterday but I live in a different timezone so for me it was today.
I made these poses a few years ago for Michael4 & Kids4 and people seem to really like them. Since I work mostly with the figures from Hivewire I planned on doing them again as soon as there was a child character that could take the place of Kids4.

Diva is a beautifull character to work with, made for Hivewire Dawn by Pendraia Fae, you can find Diva for Dawn HERE.
I had to convert the poses from Michael4 & Kids4 to Dusk and Diva, that was a bit harder then I ancticipated but they are finally here in store.

It's a nice set of duo-poses that compliments my first set of Father and Child Poses I made for Dusk and BabyLuna. And though these poses are mostly about a little girl and her relationship with her dad, there are some poses in there for father and son aswell.

Writing my blog about my latest release, I wandered through all my retired items I still have on here. Re-creating these older poses for new figures made me think of all the poses I had made in the past. Esspecially those I made for Pranx 1.

Like "Shake a Tail", the duoposes "Together" or the set of expressions "Pranxious". They were created years back and the figure is no longer obtainable. I traced the items back as far as 2010!
I have been thinking of slowly offering these for free here on my blog as an exclusive freebie.

I will have to create some new promo's and it won't happen overnight but I will let you all know when they can be downloaded. I asked some advice about this from a good friend, to see if it would be suitable to release them for free now, after all this time, or if I should wait a little longer.
But we both agree that since the main figure hasn't been available anymore for some time now and these items are almost 10 years old, it would be okay.

So keep an eye out for my exclusive freebie page......

zaterdag 16 mei 2020

What I've been up to....part 7

Well, it's been a while and things are bit weird to say the least. The whole world is still very much affected by this new virus. And though we are allowed to get about, there are some rules and protocols in place wich do require some adjustment and patience. Things take a little longer and move a bit slower then what we have become used to.

Still, while I was working on my new project, wich is also moving slower then I normally work, I discovered that I had been a contributing artist at Hivewire now for 5 years.
That means I've been into Poser for.....well, time has flown. I can remember downloading Poser 6. Now I'm at Poser 11.3 and I am seriously considering whether I should upgrade to the next version, wich will undoubtedly come. I'm not sure if I will, I have celebrated my 54th birthday this month and since we are remodelling our caravan, my interest in computers has declined. Well, only for my own entertainment and relaxation I go online these days. I miss creating Art and playing silly games.

But this 5th Anniversary at Hivewire, I couldn't let it pass so I decided to put on a Sale. With all this suffering and sadness that is going around I've decided to have a 40% discount - wich can be more if you use your reward points - on my entire store at Hivewire.

For a limited time - untill the 25th - everything is 40% off so go and have a look by clicking the image. Of course the Mother and Child poses will be free untill the end of the month. They will remain part of the Stay home - Spread Hope challenge untill the 31th of May.

For those of you who haven't heard, there are some awesome freebies you can download. They do like you to create some images with them and participate in the challenge.

Just click the image above to go to the page directly and have a look of what it's all about. Join in and have some fun.

Stay safe and look after each other!

zondag 19 april 2020

What I've been up to....part 6

The world is really becoming a strange place. Trying our best to keep our distance and looking out for one another in these scary times. And also trying our best to maintain some sort of normal.

I hope all of you are enjoying the free items at Hivewire that are so generously donated by alot of vendors there and I hope some of you are also have fun creating Art with the poses I donated.
In the meantime I've been busy with my next store item, duo-poses for Dusk & Diva.
Daily Life-Fathers Vol.2 and of course after they have been created in Poser, I also save them in DazStudio.

It's not that difficult to save a pose made in Poser in Daz. I know that applying the pose in DazStudio tends to distort the feet. For that I have a Genesis Fix Hands and Feet Script that seems to work fine with the Hivewire figures aswell.

I have managed to get all the duo-poses into DazStudio and now it's up to the testers to check and whether I should correct some mistakes. The Dancing pose is still very much my favorite but that is because of my own childhood memories. This did spark the idea for these poses.

donderdag 2 april 2020

Stay Home - Spread Hope....Part 2

To help everybody get a good start in the Render Challenge held at Hivewire, more free items have been added by several vendors at Hivewire. Of course I've included an item aswell.
Untill 31st of May my Mother and Child poses for Dawn & BabyLuna will be available for free!

In total you will find 40 items of great quality for free untill 31st May and in exchange for all those gifts they ask you to join in by sharing the images you create with these products. And the prizes are worth the challenge I must say!


For the rules and prize please read the forum thread; Stay Home - Spread Hope
Have fun!