dinsdag 11 februari 2020

What I've been up to....part 4

The poses for King of the Forest are progressing nicely. All the poses are saved in Poser, I've rendered out the PNG's and am about to put them in DazStudio.

For now I have included some extra's like defaults for the hindbody, tail and such. I've also included some partials, to make it easier for people who wish to create their own poses. I know that getting started when creating a pose, especially with animals, can become quite frustrating when you are just new to Poser and/or DazStudio. Of course there are the duo-poses that I have created for this set, wich is is for the Hivewire Base Buck MuleDeer. I have in mind to create some more for the other Deer like the Stag, maybe some extra smaller sets as SweetDeals.

There are 5 duo-poses, there are 7 partials for the Hind-, & FrontBody and 5 partials for the Head&Neck part of the body. I've created 10 single poses, some are created from the duo-poses but for the most part I've looked at some photo's of deer to get idea's for some natural poses other then the animal just standing there.

I hope I managed to do that. Animals are not always the easiest to create poses for. I want them to be as natural as possible, to honor the animal as much as possible. But they are not always the most active in the things they do. It's not easy catching an animal doing anything other then standing, laying or just sitting. Anyhew, I'm off to save them in DazStudio and get them ready for testing.

zaterdag 25 januari 2020

World in Wireframe - Antlers

I had been waiting to purchase the newly released Mule Deer at Hivewire3D. I wanted the extra Antlers-AddOn aswell but I had to save my pennies before I could buy them. The thing is, I had an idea for some duo-poses that I really want to create.

When I start creating poses - for any character - I always start with collecting images of the kind of poses I want to create. I watch video's of certain actions to get a better perception of the movement I wish to create in a pose, like I did for the ballet poses.
Then I make a Base-Workroom in wich I have the characters in Default and a simple Square-Plane that I use as a screen. In the Material room I project that particular image that I use as a reference for the pose.
The pose won't necessarily be exactly the same as the photo. But it will serve as a general inspriation for the poses. After all, the position of a foot starts with the thigh.

I knew, that the duelling deer wouldn't be a real problem but their antlers would be. Because I want to have those poses with deer that carry the 5-point antlers of course.

The plan is to have about 5 duo-poses in the set of the bucks duelling it out. The first pose is a simple pose to start them of and as usual I work in the Lit Wireframe mode so I can see the mesh more detailed. It always works perfect for me but this time I stumbled into a little problem with the second duo-pose.

I wanted the second pose to be more of a 'head on' pose. Of course the antlers must interlock but not poke through each other. Here I noticed the problem that I couldn't quite see anymore where the antlers of one started and the antlers of the other ended.
For posing the antlers I needed a more solid texture and I switched to Smooth Shaded. This way I could see better if there were any poke-throughs.


Posing the head and the antlers starts with all the Neck-parts so when I had the initial position of the head and neck - for each deer - the way I wanted, I started to have a closer look at the antlers and how they interlocked. It took alot of fiddling with the heads, very small changes of the heads Bending, Twisting or Side-to-Side motion. 

At this point I no longer turned the dials, I just changed the numbers in the settings with not more the 0.100 max. or 0.010 min. at a time. This was very labor-intensive, it took hours to get it right but it was worth it.

Every now and then I would stop and have a good look around the antlers to see if they were positioned just right, without poking through. When at one point I was satisfied, I quickly saved the pose. If there is anything I have learned in the years that I use Poser is to save-save-save and save again. It wouldn't be the first time I lose all my work because I forget to save and Poser decides to crash.


maandag 20 januari 2020

New Tubes.....and things

Usually during the first month of the year I get very occupied with cleaning up the winter stuff and preparing for the coming spring. I don't get much work done other then play aroung in Poser and DazStudio a bit and creating some freebies.

 Since I started this blog I remembered how much fun it is to create tubes. And I started to browse around my old collection of tube. And allthough some of them are really very outdated, there are also some that could be worthy of being uploaded here in the free tube section.
So there are some tubes uploaded in the various sections and I am planning some more pages in the future. 

I kinda enjoy creating these small scenes on a transparent background again, it is after all, how I got started in computer graphics. So who knows what will turn up, don't forget to regularly check the tubes section. They come in PNG-format so you can use them in any graphics software that reads PNG.

zondag 29 december 2019

What I've been up to....part 3

The year is almost over and the new year is just around the corner. In between the Christmas celebrations and New Year's Eve I usually find a quiet moment to re-organize and plan the things I want to make for Poser & DazStudio. And for the year 2020 I have several things planned so far, mind you, having things planned and actually getting them in store is a whole different matter.

Of course there are the Daily Life - Father poses for Dusk&Diva being made. I have been working on these for a while now. They are slowly but surely progressing. The coming year I have a bigger focus on human-poses I think. These poses were a wish of mine when Dawn & Dusk first came to the market but since there was no older child yet, I had to wait for Diva.

They are inspired, as I have told several times allready, by my own relationship with my dad. And they were made once for Michael 4 & Kids 4. The first original set has long been retired, so many characters are on the market today that hardly anyone uses Generation 4 anymore. But for those who still do, the original set can still be obtained. Just look at my page Retired Items and scroll down. You will find them in there.

Where there is a DLFathers for Michael 4 & Kids 4, there also was a DLMothers for Victoria 4 & Kids 4.


This set is no longer available for sale or otherwise. And allthough I haven't really started the re-make, I have written it down for a good possible to make this set for Hivewire Dawn & Diva. There is one other set for Dawn I have plans for though.

Last year I bought a nice Vintage Bicycle at Hivewire for Dawn to use. And I think this coming year she should be riding her bike a bit more then she has been. So I have been pondering on some poses for Dawn and her Vintage Bicycle.
I also spoiled myself this Christmas a bit. Even though I have all these plans for human poses I haven't forgotten about the Animals. There are poses being made for the Hivewire BigDog, Diva and a leash. These will be for DazStudio only but since my relationship with DazStudio's UI is a struggling one, those poses will take some time.
Then there is an idea emerging about the Hivewire Lion and his family, I've seen some amazing naturefilms about a pride of Lions that have inspired me to create some lovely poses. Maybe as a sweat deal.
And then there is this little critter.

As soon as he was released I wanted him, esspecially the Red Stag. Since we have beautifull Red Deer running around in a nature reserve here in the Netherlands, I automatically had some great idea's for some awesome poses. But I couldn't buy the Mule Deer right away, I had to wait a while and the Antlers AddOn will come next month probably. So I will start with the Mule Deer. The plan is to create The King of the Forest for more deer species so I think this will become a large project.

So far the plans for 2020, the general idea's for my store anyway. I usually create freebies when the inspiration comes for them. Sometimes they become commercial items and items I created for my store become freebies. The plans I outline aren't written in stone so they can always change.

Anyway, I wish for all of you to have a wonderfull New-Year.

maandag 16 december 2019

A little early pressie......

When I left Renderosity as a vendor and decided to join Hivewire as an "this is the last thing I try"- kind of thing, I didn't expect it to be such a nice and warm community.
The Hive is a really pleasant place to be, you come as you are and that is good enough.
As a vendor I don't feel crowded or rushed to produce masses of items and fill up my store to the brim before clearance comes along because I haven't sold as much.

So I thought of this little gift, especially for all my sweet peeps at the Hive. Available only at the Resources of Hivewire3D and here on my Exclusive freebie page....

Best Friends for Hivewire Puppy & Hivewire Diva. A set of 5 duo-poses (incl. Defaults). Mind you, you do need to have Hivewire Dawn and her character Diva, the Hivewire Dog and the Puppy for these poses to work. 

This gift is dedicated to all those at the Hive first and foremost. Have a wonderfull Christmas and a very Happy New-Year.

donderdag 12 december 2019

Freebie News.....Part 1

It's the season and as a certified Christmas nut I usually work on free items during the month of December. I always try to finish those before Christmas but sometimes they come out later in the New-Year. This time I decided to solely work on the freebies and to start of the giving I have re-worked some old poses in the new Poser 11.2
Silly Poses for Cookie contain 13 poses (and their mirrored versions). There is a Default Pose included.
You need Cookie by LadyLittlefox in order to use these poses to work and is available at Daz3D. You find the product page for Cookie HERE

After updating my PoserPro 11 to Poser 11.2, I discovered that the old poses I once made for Cookie in Poser 9, didn't look so great in Poser 11. They work but they didn't "flow" as I'm use to. Sharp creases where the joint are suppose to bend in a flowing line, mainly around the hip-area. So I figured I would re-work my SillyPoses for Cookie in Poser 11 and upload them on my freebie page at Renderosity.

Next was a totally new set of poses for Scampixie Pranx, old re-worked poses are nice but they don't hold a candle to something shiny and new. The past year I had made 2 sets for Dawn and the Dragonbraid, so when I saw that Trumarcar had released "Princess for Pranx 2" at her site The Treasurechest, I was tickled to see there was a braided hairstyle in that set. 

Princess Braid is part of the "Princess for Pranx 2" set and these poses are for Pranx 2. This set includes 6 new poses for Scampixie Pranx 2 and matching poses for the Princess Hair. Default poses are included.
You need Scampixie Pranx by Elleque for these poses to work and is available at Renderosity. You find the product page for Pranx 2 HERE

The princess hair is part of a clothing set free available at the TreasureChest. The page for the freebies for Pranx 1 & 2 can be found HERE 

These sets of poses are available on my page at Renderosity, you can find a link to my freebies on the right side of this Blog or by clicking HERE

There are some more freebies on their way for Christmas but those are special ones and will appear only at Hivewire and on my Exclusive Freebies page on this blog. Keep an eye out for you never know when Santa will drop them of.

dinsdag 3 december 2019

What I've been up to....part 2

Well, summer is definetly over and we are allready back at our "winter-residence" where I have a good functioning internet connection. A problem I hope to have solved next season but WiFi will be fickle I guess. I am crossing fingers though that next summer I can go online whenever I need to at our holiday home. Anyhew, even though the garden has been distracting me and the good weather had me living outside most of the time, I did manage to get some work done. I finally finished the Darling Diva-set of poses for Diva and they are in store. And I took some time playing with Scampixie Pranx 2.

At our "summer-residence" we have started creating a new bathroom in our caravan and it has finally been finished. Apart from the details and some styling, the main work has been done. It is getting pretty cold right now and we have decided to only go there for maintenance, making sure there are no leakages and checking everything. Next year, before the season starts, we will finish the bedroom and do some styling.

In the meantime I'm working on some poses and planning a christmas gift for all my loyal customers at Hivewire. I am not going to say to much about that since I really want it to be a surprise. One freebie I am working on is another set of poses for Scampixie Pranx 2 and the Princess Hair - a freebie available at TreasureChest on the Scampixies page. It comes with the Princess Outfit for Pranx 2.

This set will be made available on my freebie page at Renderosity. It will contain some new poses for Pranx 2 and the Braid from Princess Hair. 

I'm not only working on freebies, there is also the set of DailyLife Fathers volume 2. This set will be for Hivewire Dusk & Hivewire Diva. This set was orginally created for Michael 4 & Kids 4 and allthough I found that I can't replicate them exactly the same, I will try to create them for Dusk & Diva as good as I can.

Most of the poses will be able to match but I'm not sure if all the poses will be easy to transfer. So far I have managed to finish up to five poses for Dusk & Diva. These will probably be finished next year. December is my favorite time of the year so mostly I will be working on freebies at this time.

But I can still post some teasers and drop a hint that maybe there will be a DailyLife Mothers volume 2 for Hivewire Dawn & Diva aswell. In the meantime, since this is the festive season, there are some sales going on so you may want to check my store if there are some little things to grab.